Lucky 32 is 30, Too!

Luck 32 watercolor

This Greensboro beaut took two weeks off to, shall we say, get some spa treatments. She’s back and looking great! The Greensboro Lucky’s will look like this in about two years. The Boston Ivy is in and ought to sleep, creep, then leap!

Thirty years ago, with Bill Carlisle and Don Rives as our key resources, we designed a restaurant that has gracefully adapted to each update that we’ve thrown her way. We so respect those two as collaborators and friends that Nancy’s and my son’s middle name is Carlisle and the Cloister Garden off the Social Lobby at the O.Henry is named for Don. Those facts are testimonials for how important collaboration is for this team. Tearing into Lucky’s with these extensive improvements caused us to feel immense gratitude for the careful design of this three-decade-old place and for the people who helped us in the beginning.

Renovation team

Talk about a team effort! Collaboration to the Nth! In the two weeks that Lucky’s was off line, the team transitioned from cooking and serving to cleaning, sanding and staining. The teamwork and camaraderie was something to behold. And it wasn’t just the team from Lucky’s: Folk from QW’s communications collaborative and our administrative team were also there each day…and night.

Inspired by the flower shadows at the Greensboro Lucky 32 and by the silhouettes in the light fixtures in Cary, we are working with a Broadway theatrical lighting guru who is helping with the Triad Stage production of “Dracula”. We are hoping to figure out an interesting and enjoyable projection art installation for Lucky 32 in Greensboro.


What’s better eye candy, the flowers or the shadow?

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