Quaintance-Weaver Hotels and Restaurants are Now Employee-Owned


By Rilwan Balogun
Time Warner Cable News | November 17, 2016

GREENSBORO — When Greg Moody came to North Carolina, it was suppose to be for a few weeks.

“I’m from Atlanta, Georgia,” Moody said. “I came here during construction and I installed drapes.”

After construction at the Proximity hotel was completed he drove to Georgia and packed his car up with everything he owned.

Then drove back to Greensboro to work at the Proximity because of the atmosphere.

“Opening day of the hotel they held hands like they did today and I was so excited about that, that I became a part of the team,” said Moody.

And he’s been there ever since. “I wake up in the morning exciting about coming to work,” Moody said.” Every morning I’m excited about coming.”

Thursday that excitement changed, “I always felt like i was part owner,” Moody said. Now he is, along with 605 other employees.

“We wanted to come up with a way that was sustainable for the company to stay grounded on it’s current values,” said C.E.O. Dennis Quaintance.

At the Proximity hotel and the other Quaintance-Weaver properties there’s an employee trust that bought 100 percent equity into the business and over time employees have access to that trust without spending any money.

“The trust’s mission and purpose is to protect the interest of the staff members,” Quaintance explains.

Dennis and the co-founder will still oversee the daily operations but more than 600 of his colleagues will own a piece of Quaintance-Weaver.
Now the man that help put up the drapes is a partner.

“Just to know I was a part of the construction and now I’m part owner, that’s really a great feeling,” said Moody.

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