Welcome to the Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen blog. Please follow us as we explore the story behind the food, including local farmers, recipes and cooking tips from our Southern kitchen.

For many years at Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen we’ve been exploring ways to bring the freshest, most flavorful foods to our guests while considering the triple bottom line of profit, environmental sensitivity and social responsibility (See our Sustainable Practices Initiative & Fairness Doctrine.) To these ends we’re purchasing some of our meats and seafoods differently. We’re also bringing more and more local produce and artisan-made food products. We hope that this Initiative will have long-lasting effects that extend throughout our community. Some of our partners are local farmers who handpick their produce on just a couple acres, and others are larger companies that supply some of the best restaurants in the country with top-quality ingredients. We have long believed that the nearer the farm to the fork, the better the flavor.

Who’s writing these posts? In 2015, we established a Communication Collaborative to capture the array of voices and stories that are part of Quaintance-Weaver Restaurants and Hotels’ history, present and future. Something that makes this Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen blog so special is that a variety of authors post about the topics that are closest to their hearts and experiences. From regular posts by our proprietors and chef, to features about our partners, to stories told by other members of our creative community, we hope that this blog helps tell the story of Southern food and our place along the Southern foodway.

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