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Each week we’ll share the restaurant’s recipes and some tips — from how to wash your collards to how to pour your beer (straight down the middle of the glass). With over 20 years experience in this restaurant space, we’ve collected a few good stories, and we’d love to share them with you.

Established in 1989 in Greensboro, and expanding to a second location in Cary, North Carolina, Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen is a fine dining experience with Farmer’s Market fare.

We host recurring beer and wine dinners, cooking classes, and serve up local music — whether it’s live in the bar or music playing over the restaurant radio. The dining room attracts foodies, farmers, music lovers, CEOs in suits, and Yelping hipsters in skinny jeans. We have a table for everyone.

Dennis Quaintance and business partner Mike Weaver opened Lucky 32 in Greensboro, NC in 1989.

The restaurant atmosphere and its “Southern Kitchen” flavor has been a carefully-tended process that’s been tasted, tested, and tweaked along the way. Like any good recipe.

Since 2006, the restaurant has focused its creative taste to reviving Southern food traditions, which didn’t exactly receive a warm, southern welcome at first. There was a short time in this restaurant’s history when people sent the collards back to the kitchen.

Today, we can’t imagine the place without our signature collards.

But that’s another story.

The restaurant’s story starts in 1989 when business partners Dennis Quaintance and Mike Weaver opened the restaurant. Dennis named it after his father’s race car (pictured below). And since then, Dennis has stayed true to his original mission — to provide a rotating menu with locally grown food — and with a mechanic’s precision, he has finely tuned that creative vision along the way.

The result is uniquely southern — and uniquely delicious.

We hope you enjoy.

Posted March 2012 by Molly McGinn

Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen is named after this race car, which belonged to the restaurant’s owner and co-founder, Dennis Quaintance.
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