Locavore’s Delight: How to boost the local economy in 3 delicious courses

LOCAVORE’S DELIGHT: The Series # 10. Follow us all summer long as we explore the bounty of our region’s farms.

We are missionaries spreading the gospel of supporting local food-producing families. We believe that the nearer the farm to the fork, the better the flavor. And we also believe in putting our money where our mouth is.


Each year the NC dept of Agriculture hold its “Best Dish in NC” competition to promote restaurants and chefs who feature more locally-produced food on their menus and to tell the stories behind the food.

Two years ago, we were honored to be named a finalist for our dish of Carolina Catfish over creamy grits, served with collard greens.

This year we decided to pull out all the stops and create a three course tasting menu to showcase more dishes, and to tell more stories.

June 20 through August 21, 2012, our “Suddenly this Summer” menu features a special “Locavore’s Delight” tasting menu. The special menu includes fresh ingredients from our North Carolina farm friends. 

In the pages of our blog, you can find the stories of some of our farm friends who provided ingredients for this menu, and in the coming days we’ll share more stories about the ingredients that we’re excited about and the folks who produce them.

Where else can you enjoy sturgeon and truffles, from North Carolina no less.

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For more about our seasonal recipes, see our current menu at Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen and our Blog Recipe Index:http://lucky32southernkitchen.com/recipes/

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